Man says ‘You Can Do It’ – God says ‘I Did It For You’


Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

John 8 32 Grace freeI get what the whole positive thinking message is trying to do. Do better –Try harder – Be positive. I spent much of my life pushing that theme. I have come to realize that trying to spiritually exercise my way to salvation will leave me feeling beat up, frustrated and depressed, because no matter how hard I try I don’t measure up.

There seems to be a popular theme in much of the modern-day church – a get better, self-improvement message replacing the gospel. Ministers pontificate from their crystal soap boxes with a positive self-help theme that has nothing to do with the message of the gospel. They preach; “You can do it” – Grace says, “I did it for you”.

The message of the gospel is that of God’s goodness and mercy embodied in grace. Jesus in His mercy died on a cross that we might receive salvation. All…

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2 thoughts on “Man says ‘You Can Do It’ – God says ‘I Did It For You’

  1. A message we forget all too easily, after getting used to experiencing that joy, strength, life,… we start feeling like a superhuman and forget how it all started. Thanks for the reblog.

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