forgive me?

I try not to hurt others when I write

but sometimes I look up at night

and wonder why I’m so messed up

how I easily harm and often screw up

speaking before I think twice

I rarely deserve to be called nice

saying things and writing them out

losing my temper scream and shout

but something always tells me inside

I’m only human don’t run and hide

just apologize and get it over with

don’t be candid and never blithe

just say I didn’t mean what I said

and admit I’m a complete bonehead


so sorry if I offended anyone, please forgive me if I did!


11 thoughts on “forgive me?

  1. Wow, honey, soo me too!! All we can do is pray for guidance and ask forgiveness for when we fall short. LOVE this poem.

  2. I think it is often the reader’s choice to be offended or not by the words they read. I do not think you have to apologize, but it is sweet that you did in such a lovely poem. 🙂

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