kissing frogs

Kissing Frogs



a princess walked along a lonely road

and out popped a big hairy fat toad

knowing the tale hoping for a prince

she stopped and sat on a sturdy fence

picking him up she looked into his eye

and said ‘no one wins who doesn’t try’

he said kindly ‘hello, my lady so fair’

so she kissed him in the part of his hair

he turned into a pig way too fat

shocked he was so back he sat

picking poo from between his toes

from wallowing in his muddy woes

he said, ‘well, that just wasn’t nice’

so she kissed him on his nose now twice

but now he changed into a furry bear

standing up he clawed at the air

said ‘that’s better, but now I stink

like I rolled in death, you stupid dink’

so she frowned at his unhappy scowl

and kissed him once more on his brow

and this time he became a smelly fart

and dissipated faster than a dart




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