He Covers the Earth

he was pounding at my door

banging in blatant anger

a dark evil sour soul

not so much a stranger

as a choice for me to learn

to choose right from wrong

by walking in the light of love

praising God in sweet song

but every day he stood there

once again haunting me

following me around each bend

a river of hate flowing to the sea

so I ignore the pounding door

and sit calmly writing all my days

telling the world about his lies

his cheating greedy hateful ways

he screeches like a banshee does

angry and jealous of what I say

helping my friends around the world

to see the truth of his evil each day

showing them how to fight him off

not to be buried in sadness and pain

for God and His Love covers the earth

like every autumn leaf falling in the rain


2 thoughts on “He Covers the Earth

  1. Tell me again what art is! That’s when the shards rubs glass splinters in my eyes making me see more clearly.

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