15 minutes and I need a nap!

Man, am I out of shape.  I do yoga, the beginners type, to stretch and feel at peace, meditating at the same time.  But a few days ago, I went on line to find a good detox program that included many different items, like vitamins and minerals, teas, smoothies, juices, etc., to detox all the crap out of my system, and came across this detox yoga program that looked soooo simple… lol

I found out last week that most of my ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain in my back, knees, hips, hands of course, etc, and a chronic infection running through my entire body from using Asthma inhalers….are all links to why my arthritis is out of control and growing in leaps and bounds.  ALL of which can be changed and healed through a holistic healthy LIVE-IT! (as opposed to a DIE-t) 😉

So today, while browsing again I discovered a detox program through yoga, that I had never heard of.  It’s nothing very difficult for someone in shape, which I discovered I AM NOT!!  I knew this, but I had no idea how OUT of shape I really am.  I hike and kayak all summer long, yet nothing I was doing was helping any of my problems.

I only spent 15 minutes ATTEMPTING to do the poses, before I needed a nap.  OMG…I was shocked at how I couldn’t do them.  I kept falling over, totally out of balance, and wasn’t able to stretch like the fit and trim woman in the pictures.  Not to mention, I am exhausted after only trying them….and failing badly! lol  I couldn’t even hold the poses and breath, without stopping in between each one and resting.

This seems to be a great program, which did elevate my heart rate and cause me to sweat, which I hope to continue daily until I heal myself physically of all these ailments that have plagued me for some time.

This is the link for the detox yoga, and is supposed to be GREAT for Thanksgiving and Christmas gluttony!!!  BUT keep in mind, you need to warm up with some regular yoga, like the morning sun salutation or core salutation workout first.  Please don’t click on it just to see what a WIMP I am… lol


AND one other healthy tip I have discovered actually is working:  I had no idea why I constantly have dark circles under my eyes and have since I was young.  I get decent sleep most of the time, so when a nice new friend of mine who is a holistic teacher saw me, before she even said hello, she said “My, but you have serious digestive problems.”  I of course do, because I have about 50 known allergies to food, (or I should say the crap they put in our food!!) and this causes havoc in my system constantly..  I asked how she knew this and she told me from the dark circles under my eyes. 

Her answer to this: was simply add a teaspoon or two of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to 8 oz. water and drink each morning!  Well, it tastes like shit, so I finally got some organic apple juice and added it to this, and YUMMY….I could drink it without puckering or reeking of vinegar.   Also, I can add it to smoothies and don’t even taste it.

AND GUESS WHAT….MY DARK CIRCLES ARE ALMOST GONE!!!  IT’S ONLY BEEN 3 DAYS!!!  So there’s a beauty tip for you all, that is healthy too.  The apple cider vinegar kills chronic infection in your digestive tract, which she said most people have from eating crap all day long, just like me.  And this is what causes the dark circles, not sleep depravation!!!

just thought I’d share something healthy today!!  enjoy!  and a long healthy life to you all!  🙂


8 thoughts on “15 minutes and I need a nap!

  1. I think I read somewhere that apple cider vinegar is supposed to help with arthritis, too. Also, have you tried honey n cinnamon? They are supposed to help with a lot of health issues AND taste better too!!

    • I love honey, but my holistic friend told me for now to stay away from any glucose and fructose, while I’m doing this cleanse, I have way too much belly fat stored already, lol, and my detox tea’s have cinnamon in them. I also do a vitamin tea, with my daily vitamins in it, so they absorb better, and have plenty of cinnamon in there for flavor. you’d be amazed how good I felt these last few days Penny. I really like the ACV in my apple juice tho, hides that bite nicely! and that’s the other reason I’m doing the ACV is for my rheumatoid arthritis…my friend said all 3 of my problems are related, and i should be doing ACV daily forever! My allergies and asthma require the stupid inhaler, which has given me the chronic infection and it’s running rampent in my guts, and also causing the rheumatoid arthritis to explode in every joint I have…. plus she wonders how many allergies I actually have and thinks they may be due to the infection instead…so maybe someday i’ll be able to eat broccoli again!!! yipppee….lol one of the few things I miss!! but thanks for the idea, I’m on it!!! 🙂

  2. Your body is pretty good at detoxing itself; it’s partly what it does for a living. Detox as a concept is a very very clever marketing myth. But the exercise thing? Has to be good news. I used to do yoga for many years, and anyone who says it’s easy isn’t doing it properly….

    • no shit! it’s a workout like no other! and I’m detoxing with all holistic herbs, not some stupid thing on TV. I don’t get many good nutrients/minerals because of my allergies…and because I have a continual infection that isn’t working itself out….and is wreaking havoc on my joints!

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