Up and Down

Up was when his brother showed up

and they hugged each other tight

the first time they had done this

in a very long time last night.

Down was when his brother bought

him chips and soda’s to graze on

not realizing this would accent

his regular trips to pawn.

Up was when he happily said

he applied for a job in town

his hopeful voice from one person

who didn’t turn him down.

Down was when he woke up

angry and climbing the walls

screaming for no apparent reason

just serious painful withdrawals.

Up was when he said I love you

and heard the same from his brother

something he usually only hears

from his crazy cat lady mother.

Down was when he couldn’t stop

himself from leaving and I knew

he was heading back to the misery

and horror he’s grown so used to.


it was a tough week folks

sorry I can’t write anything positive today

may God Bless You All with children

who never ever try meth!


9 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. Ah, the ups and downs of life are so much more extreme when dealing with an addiction. I’m sorry it has been a tough week. I hope next week is a much better one for you and your loved ones.

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