a Very Caring Man


Some still believe he wasn’t a good president, but to this day he continues to go out of his way to help others, especially the poor, and is sadly ONE OF FEW in politics that I’m proud to say is a great American!!! I passed this around facebook the other day, because HE IS SO RIGHT!!! I want to strangle the hypocrites in our country that continually say they want Christian Values! They continually rant and rave that we need God in our schools, taught and praised, want to keep all their guns without registering them or having to submit to a background check, because they have RIGHTS!! YET we have had more mass shootings this year alone, than we have had DAYS! Its just embarrassing! They want our country to go back to being only white folks, which would leave about 10% of the population, and the rest to go back to where they came from! They continually say this is THEIR country, when our ancestors clearly stole it from the Native Americans and Spanish that were here before them. They are SO BLINDED BY THEIR OWN IGNORANCE they can’t see past their own ass!