Their Life

how do you watch the lost stumble and fall

without reaching out your hand

knowing before they make a move

just where it all will end

it rips you apart when you see them bleed

if you have a heart to begin with

hearing their angry screams at life

they believe it’s just a stupid myth

they fall and hurt and rant and rave

life isn’t fair, don’t you see

you try and try to heal the scars

to answer their painful plea

but when they’re grown you can’t hold

their hand or even their heart

as they run blindly on their own

their life means growing apart

finding their way in their own way

dancing, falling, skipping and back

there’s nothing you can do now

except point them to the track

and show them how it’s long and winding

curving up and down, under and above

all you can really do is be there

listening, waiting and being love


4 thoughts on “Their Life

  1. This is so beautiful. It is a helpless feeling, wanting to protect your loved ones from pain and hurt but knowing you cannot. I especially loved the last line and the phrase “being love”. So much truth in those last two lines. Love it. Reowr!

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