crushing hope

my heart soared this morning

when I woke to see my son

but I know it will hurt again

tonight when he’s gone

he tries and tries to get past it

fighting with all his might

yet speaks of giving up soon

crushing the hopes I hold tight

my warrior friend fights his battles

my God always gives me hope

but he hurts deeply and craves

to end it all with a deadly smoke

when you can’t see past the pain

and others shun you in every way

how do you start a new life

when no one gives you the time of day

he can’t find a job or a friend

who doesn’t want to drag him down

his rejection and loneliness burn

from everyone in his own home town

it digs deep and cuts him like a knife

breaking his heart and killing his soul

I wish just one would respond in love

not burying his hope in a dark hole

if people would just learn to forgive

they could change his life right now

but rejection is worse than hate

and is death to his once strong vow


please pray for him! he needs all your help!


13 thoughts on “crushing hope

  1. The last two lines of the poem hit me hard. Powerful words and heartbreaking to read what your son is going through. We all long for acceptance and forgiveness, but it seems when we need it the most, people close themselves off and become inaccessible. Prayer for your son: May he have hope through the darkest night and never fail to see the light.

    • thank you Cubby, and you’re so right, no one will hire him, they all know his past, and if he leaves again to go back to Seattle, he’ll never make it! I’m just praying someone offers him a job, cause that’s the only thing that will keep him busy enough to stop thinking about how awful his life is….and go right back to it…its like a vicious circle of dispair!

  2. this is heartbreaking, I so hope your son can pick up the pieces and go on to have a beautiful life…it does happen.

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