Set Free

oh but how I hate to wake

to the meows throughout the night

she’s now an outside kitty

who’s also learned about flight

she won’t ever ever shut up

goes on and on and fkn on

wants in want out wants in again

she’s now drowning on the lawn

I don’t care anymore

how much she loves to kiss me

she nagged one too many times

left too many puddles of pee

she can now go wherever she wants

it won’t matter one bit to me

I’ll finally get a decent nights rest

Sweetie’s been set free


9 thoughts on “Set Free

  1. and there I was to save the day
    hereeeee kitty, kitty…all soaked in pee and rain
    I hear you were annoying as fck
    so your last owner threw you away in vain
    No worries here…stay quiet and you can dry right here with me
    I’m such a hoarder you’ll have plenty of mice to eat
    And here goes a bed, the perfect place to sleep
    it used to belong to Fluffy
    but I had that vicious bitch euthanized last week 🙂

  2. And it’s our friendly neighbourhood psychopathic old catlady who haunts the dark alleys of men’s souls now likening them to her crazy prodigal kitten who strays from home ever so often.

    • awww Cubby, don’t worry, that’s why she meows all the fkn time, she WANTS out! but I think she’s going blind, she’s getting old, and she just wants attention too. silly cat! 🙂

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