Crawling through the slimy mud

dirt balling between each toe,

sometimes life crushes our hopes

dragging us deep down in sorrow.


A leaf crunching into the mix

pine needles lie dead in a row,

fallen hard like an oak tree cut

broken arms arch up like a widow.


Reaching the light in between shade

a sapling rises toward light to grow,

a forest will breathe again and again

feet anchored in rich soil far below.


But darkness will foster mushrooms

poisonous they deadly foreshadow,

a life wasted knee deep in itself

reveals its hollowness and shallow.


Rarely reaching a meaningful moment

the dark flow becomes an undertow,

don’t waste the time you have here

sitting in useless grime and fallow.


Never give up or settle for darkness

life is too short to wallow below,

no matter how buried you feel today

God will still be there tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Fallow

  1. Sigh. I don’t know how to properly respond to you at times, Shards. I just hope all is well and that you are well. This poem has a knife attached to it. Digs deep.

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