I’m losing my mind….

and Yes, I know, you can’t lose something you never had!

But not having a camera is just about killing me.

Ever since I stepped on mine, it hadn’t worked right, and well, now, it’s not working at all.

I hadn’t realized how dependent I was on it, how it rarely left my side; how there was so-o much to see that I just had to stop all the time, no matter what I was doing, or where I was driving, I would pull over if necessary to take a shot.

I want to thank my sweet friend who sent me the camera, again, and apologize for crunching it!  What a waste. 

And once again, I pray to God, a camera finds its way to me.

Of course, if someone out there would like to purchase my stained glass eagle, that would solve my problem…..

so here it is again, in case one of you just can’t live without it!  It’s hanging in my windows and the light that shines through it is JUST SPECTACULAR!!!

so please contact me….if you just can’t pass up this great opportunity, to get a ONE of a KIND piece of ART, made by yours truly!!!  It is 3’X3’, over 160 pieces, that took an entire 40 hours of my life to create!  I am reducing the price by $500, due to the economy sucking right now, and now selling it for $1500!!  This is a steal, folks, especially if you knew how much stained glass costs!!!

(this picture does NOT do it justice, as the sun was high, and I had to use a reflective board behind it, that looks square and doesn’t light it very well, plus my friends hand is showing in the upper right corner!)



13 thoughts on “I’m losing my mind….

  1. Shard, I love this piece. I have worked with glass, it is difficult. Oh, I think I already wrote you that…speaking of losing one’s mine. You are very gifted in the arts!

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