One day, Jesus and his 2 little friends, Maggie and Thomas were playing on their roof.   In those days they were like a huge deck, and living in the desert, well you know those Jews, they wanna be able to catch some son.

They were playing around like they were in the WWF and little Maggie got body slammed, then she rolled right off the roof, and then hit her head really hard on a rock and died.

Jesus was like, “Holy Dad”, and then he started swearing, “Me, Me”.

So they climbed down quickly and Thomas began begging Jesus, “Stupid Girl!  If you don’t bring her back, I’ll give you my slingshot and my ASS.”

But Jesus was like, “Don’t be a hata!” or something like that I’m sure. 

So he kneeled down, placed his hand over her heart, and said those 3 Eternally Famous Words that have been Echoed throughout time….

“Tag, you’re it.”


🙂  Just a tiny bit of humor to get you all going today!  Not sure if I posted this little story before or not, but have a lovely day!!!


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