Give me Revelation!

Give me Revelation



I so want to show

the way through darkness.

You were so good at it,

I pale like the moon.

Can I not handle it,

am I still too lost?

I fight the bad thoughts seeping in.  You never seemed to pause.

Can I not achieve awakening, this deep shining, kindling of a spark.

I wish this ugliness would leave my mind, yet forget just as often.

You were walking amazing every day, I can’t begin to fathom this.

Can I not end this war

in my head, can you?

I fight it, daily, hourly,

moment by moment.

You promised us all

eternal love and life,

I know it’s all true.

Can I not be your voice,

will you give me revelation?

I so want to glorify you,

but I rarely measure up.

You were love incarnate,

yet I don’t deserve to kiss

the dirt beneath your feet.

Can I not still try… please…

just forgive me ahead of time!

Like you did the first time!



One of the GREATEST ROCK BANDS of all time,

they play so well together! 

I had never seen this live version, it’s sooo good!

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to check out Salvation Mountain,

it’s in Palm Springs, CA!    🙂



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  1. Where did my comment go.
    I was saying: I was gonna say you did so…… by these lyrics, then I saw Third Day. Tight lines.
    I remember I have seen a number of your poems that would do awesomely well as song lyrics too. So I think your lyrics are beautiful.

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