I’m beginning to wonder…..

I’m beginning to wonder if 90% of the followers I have (500+) are just wordpress trolls?  Several are just dead ends when you click on their gravatar’s and they never comment or like.

I only get likes and comments from about 100 different people, and even if they are only scrolling through the reader and hitting “like” without reading, I still get less than a hundred visits per day.

And in those visits where I get that many hits, I’ve posted at least three different posts.

Have any of you noticed this, also?  Is it just wordpress’s way of keeping us using their site???

I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just change my site to a “.com” and be done with it?   I’m sick and tired of trying to comment on other posts, in this new comment block from hell!  It takes 10 minutes just to say ‘that’s cool’ and add a smiley face!  Not to mention their entire program is so tweaky it deletes my stuff and locks up, and won’t upload photo’s…it bothered me to the point I now use Windows Live Writer instead and have no problems at all…except when it is uploading to wordpress!

I also wonder if these others are just visiting in the hopes I will also check out their blog?  But I’m sorry to say, I don’t have that kind of time, and unless they comment or like more than one post, I don’t even notice them.  Sad to say, I know, but I got a life!

So NOW I’m wondering….how many of you would actually continue to follow me, if I changed over????  MAYBE the 20 followers I have who I know are human, and actually interact with me on a regular basis????  

IF you’ve actually read to this point, please let me know if you would continue to read my blog if I do?  please be honest… I can take it! lol but you know it would require taking the 3 seconds it takes to make a favorite tab, and all…and that’s alot…. haha

Other than that….I got my new larger memory card…woot woot, and will be busy all day…. 🙂   see ya tomorrow blogadeers!


27 thoughts on “I’m beginning to wonder…..

  1. I think if people read your entire post in the reader itself, which is possible if you don’t have the settings set not to, then you won’t get those “hits” to your blog. I would follow you if you had a .com site.

  2. I have never figured out how WP processes who does or does not really exist…in some ways It really doesn’t matter….I write more for my own satisfaction than to please others…obviously I would like to facilitate some thinking on issues.

  3. I’ve also been receiving a lot of bogus followers and don’t know how to remove them. It’s annoying and spammy. I will say though that I’m a huge fan of the WordPress community in general. I ignore the spammers and focus on the great folks I’ve met here.

  4. sure I’d follow – but I’m confused about these tech things – my blog DOES have a .com domain, but I thought it still tied me to WP because I created it through WP – how does a .com free me?

    • I didn’t mean a .com I got through wordpress…I just meant a regular one…but then all you guys wouldn’t see my stuff if I did it that way…..I can’t decide, so I’ll wait until it really ticks me off before doing anything about it!! hahaha and thanks Paul!

  5. that’s probably right in a lot of instances, but there are so many blogs it is hard to keep up with commenting as much as one would like to…
    so many times wonderful “stuff” goes unmentioned though it is read on on the reader and adored.

    • I’ve had to eliminate a few people I follow too, not able to read them all. and the stupid reader bounces back to the top when I try to read stuff people posted the day before that I missed….ANOTHER stupid tweak in WP…. I absolutely love this community of writers, but I really wish WP would’ve set this up better to begin with!!! 🙂

      • I must agree, the email notifications keep appearing for posts I have already addressed…time consuming and useless. sigh!

          • I think I must, but fear I will miss some of my favorite writers post, such as your self. I guess the reader serves that purpose just as well. Good plan….thanks for the heads up

  6. Bwahahaha …. True dat. True dat. “in our defense,” 😆 sometimes it just so hard to keep up with my commentators. Just like life, I always try to interact with the people who try to interact with me. I know it may sound absurd but it really is the way to go esp. most bloggers really are just one click wonders.

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