OMG….what a morning

Left my windows open last night, and woke to puddles everywhere.  Then I sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee and pop open my lapputer to start the day, look up and there is slush rolling down my windows!  Slush!  It’s not even September yet, and so cold out the rain is turning to snow! 

WTH have we done to our planet?

Every day it seems I ask myself this…and every day I get a new horrifying answer.

My beefsteak tomato’s are the size of lemons, and appear to be fully grown.  My cherry tomato’s haven’t even began to turn red yet.  There are at least a hundred of them, green as a new leaf, just like they’ve been for over a month now… but our summer was non existent this year, and I doubt they will even turn red before they die.

My cucumbers were all curled up, like the letter ‘c’ with only one end becoming a cucumber….and every single one of them did this.  I didn’t get one straight cucumber in the bunch.  And the worst part is they taste funny and have very few seeds.

I’ve decided to only order Heirloom seeds from now on, no more Ed Hume seeds for me….I think all of this company’s seeds must be genetically altered in some way.  I know they were messed up for sure when I planted spaghetti squash and ended up with zucchini!  But I assumed that was a mislabeling mistake.

I’ve planted in the same little garden area for over ten years now, and never had such horrible vegetables.  The only thing I had that grew normal, or not, because it actually went to seed 3 times so far… was my chard lettuce and kale. 

Obviously the plants are confused by the weather, we’ve had way too much rain and overcast clouds almost continually ruining our small 3 month growing season.

I sure hope the huge crop areas around the rest of the US are growing well, or it’s gonna be a long hard winter.

I’m curious to know if y’all out there in the blogorama are having as much trouble as me, or not??  But then again, maybe I don’t want to know, and ignorance really is bliss….who wants to know you’re about to starve to death?

I’d love to post a few pics of this horror, but as you know, I lost my camera card to the shit pile under my deck, and haven’t been able to buy a new one yet…   WTH…I think I’ll just go back to bed!!  


3 thoughts on “OMG….what a morning

  1. Oh dear! Oh dear Shard!!!!! I laugh, comforted sadly by the comical haloes here and there in this piece, in the midst of the horrors you are painting out in your posts these days regarding the environmental degradation happening. I am nowhere close geographically to where you are, but I feel somewhat touched by your blogging. Oh dear! This could be more serious than we are hoping for.

    Ha! Of course, the pile of sh*t. Hehehehehe.

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