a heartbreaking memory


A Heartbreaking Memory



people cry out, the end is here

               appearing in the famine and plagues

with storms raging mounting fear

                         to our greedy haphazard ways

instead of teaching love and giving

               we praise beauty and physical traits

games and vices blur into living

                  and distract us from our holy fates

killing ourselves and all we love

                    thus we will be rolled like a scroll

the earth placed in a tubed glove

                    just a tiny moment in history told

a heartbreaking memory by an old soul

              as a warning not to stumble and fall

awareness is each second you behold

          never miss a moment to love above all


4 thoughts on “a heartbreaking memory

  1. Mmmm….. a heartbreaking memory of an old soul…. How did you know I was having such memories. Thanks for helping me write some of’em out.

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