me and my big mouth!

You know what I like most about my job?  Working with young kids, and daily knowing I can form their ripe little minds like putty.  Now some of you, who are getting to know me, might think to yourself; this is not a good idea! hehe  but every chance I get I teach them compassion for others, calling them out sometimes, when they go too far…embarrassing them in a way that is fun, yet pointedly makes them realize they were a jerk.  I’m pretty blunt, as you all know, and I have no problem putting them in their place!

I keep their interest by joining in their fun, and kidding along with them, surprising them sometimes with things they’ve never heard, and they love to pass it on.  Simple stuff, like the other day, someone was being a smartass and I said, “No shit Sherlock!” and most of them had never heard this before, and they all cracked up.  And yes, I rarely swear in front of them, although most of them swear daily, I try to keep it in check.

I’m teaching them about the environmental issues that concern me, and most of them are getting on line immediately to check out what I say, and send it off to their friends.  They are an incredible network of mouths, when they are interested or excited about something. 

Kids in high-school and just going off to college are so impressionable, even if you think they are ignoring you..they are not.  They have two sets of ears and are listening all the time.  Granted they can text at the same time, which is so annoying to me, but they listen in to conversations around them with half an ear or something, and I’ve been approached later and asked more questions about what I was discussing in a one on one setting.  God forbid they seem unknowledgeable in front of their friends.  But they tend to come around later, for a one on one and I just love it!

I’m also swaying them towards becoming democrats…hahahahaha, take that repubs!  I must be a racist, because I am truly sick and tired of old white men (dems and repubs) running our country into the dirt!  they are a greedy bunch who’ve been around way too many years, and if I had my druthers, I’d fire them all and start over!  Right after we eliminate the need for ANY KIND OF LOBBYIST FUNDING! 

Anyway, I draw ‘em in, when I can!   😉

Then I pick a few kids that don’t seem to fit in, and make a point to talk to them and joke with them also.  It’s funny, but several already scream DEB when I get to work in the morning, and it really makes my day!  Then they come over and we chat, so I try to always draw the outcasts into the mesh at some point.

Although today, I think I failed miserably.  I noticed one kid doing something very unsanitary, and yes for adults this was good that I mentioned it, but I stated that he shouldn’t be doing this, and he looked at me with pure dislike and said, “Today is my last day anyway, I’m going back to live with my Dad.”  so I stood there floored at bit, wanting to say, SO, that’s no reason to be doing what your doing!  but instead I asked him why, and let him tell me.  He seemed kind of sad, like he had to go, and I don’t know if this answer earlier was just bravado or he really disliked his job or the people, or me.  Whatever, I mentioned it to someone else, and while we were chatting, we looked over and he was doing it again.  Which at this point, a lead overheard us and said, “he’s fired.”

I feel so bad, that maybe I got him fired, when maybe he needed this job.  He’s been a problem from day one and walked off the job a few times already.  Said some pretty sexually explicit things to some of the girls.  Talks on his phone instead of working, etc.  All good excuses to fire him, but I still feel like shit.  

So tonight I’ll be praying for forgiveness and for him, and hope maybe at his Dad’s he’ll find a different job that he likes and his Dad will be there for him;  and really hope they didn’t fire him.   me and my big mouth!!  the true bane of my existence!  😉


16 thoughts on “me and my big mouth!

  1. You are amazing for working with teens! They are kids one minute, adults the next. Still at the whims of their families. It’s a hard time of life.

    • thanks! found out today, the little guy didn’t get fired! So I feel much better. and yes, it’s really fun and always quite interesting, but the kids are so much smarter than we were at their age. They’re almost worldly, which is sad that they have to be.

      • Hi Deb, well we watch a movie and chatted a little.
        today My daughter had to go in for her second mam…and now the doctor will talk to her about them and then will go inf or another ultra sound, this will happen all today, the next couple of hours should let us know more,
        my other daughter had it taken out and she is fine..results good..and my other daughter still waiting..I just wanted t get back to ..I sorry it took so long..have a great week

  2. This was pretty interesting, Shards. Very informative too. I somewhat envy you.
    But, please not politics. That’s shaky ground, and all for what? We have proponents for the widely different, yet each recognized political divisions. So, I think it’s safe not to be caught in that web when there are more key issues like helping the children learn to stand and choose for themselves SENSIBLY. And indeed, you seem to also want that for them.

    The last part about the fired guy is a bit shaky, sadly. Times it’s just hard knowing if a firm push is what the fellow needs or a little more time, or more radical measures.

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