looking back


not really lost but wandering in circles

confused as if in a maze

taking on the world alone

filled with a darkened haze

up hills across valleys over yonder

and in between

rivers cutting oceans raging crashing

into mountain green

waiting to breathe staring into distance

wistfully looking back

not knowing how to change things

or take a new tack

a heart of love, injured soul in pain

the world casts away

a vicious cycle of highs and lows

a hurt spirit gone astray

young and innocent curiously pushed

then pressured into hell

by evil adults and addicted children

the truth they forget to tell

it will hurt no more than right now

if you just walk away

you are not alone while facing it

but will suffer alone many a day

fallen through the cracks for a time

shamed into enduring it since

still there is hope for a future life

look up and scale that fence


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