a personal update, for those who were kind enough to pray for my son:


(this tree has been falling for many years, stretching half way across the river already, it’s roots must go really deep! I call it Douglas 😉 )

First I want to thank you all immensely, for prayer does work.  Although he is still in the same situation, once again he has called home to inform me he is alive.  He had broken his foot a while back and was suffering through the pain for weeks on end, before he recently had surgery to fix it, and is now healing nicely.

His teeth are still a major source of pain for him, not only is the meth destroying them, quickly rotting more than one at a time, but he grinds his teeth at night during his intermittent withdrawals.  He has broken a couple off, and is in constant pain.

He is struggling to keep a job, a part time minimum wage job, but he is trying. 

He’s been trying to walk away from the meth on his own for a couple years now, and can’t do it.  I keep trying to get him into a rehab, but there are NO medications to help someone get off meth.  All they can do is give him pain killers, which he will eventually be addicted to also, and watch to make sure he doesn’t have a heart attack.  That’s about it.

If ANYONE out there knows of a way to wean someone off meth, please PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY!

So I thank you for your prayers, I know he’s safe for the moment and not lying dead in an alleyway somewhere, and let me tell you, this is great news for me.  My joy level has risen to new heights, and my peace level is right behind it.  These last few months were beginning to nag at me; he usually checks in each month.

So I also want to apologize for any RANTS and RAVINGS I may have made, I was clearly on edge.  Most of what I’ve posted today though is on some VERY important topics, and if I was ranting on those, I do NOT apologize one bit.  lol  some things deserve a good ripping into and exposing!! 

Most importantly for me, please continue to pray for my son Douglas when you have time or even just once now… for Michael to protect him with his mighty sword, and for Yeshuah (Jesus)to lead him to a place of peace.  I also add in for Yeshuah to give him strength too, for what he faces each day is horrifying, granted he made the decisions in the beginning, but he is long past that point.  The meth rules his life now…so your prayers to help him walk away from it once and for good…are still desperately needed.

thanks all, and that is enough writing for me for one day!!! 

have a glorious day ya’ll!  Bless just one person! 🙂


13 thoughts on “a personal update, for those who were kind enough to pray for my son:

  1. Glad to know he is fine. I tell you, for a mo there, you felt what I felt about his checking in once in a while. Maybe it would have been best if he never had to go away for long in the first place, but it’s quite something to look forward to -calling in. I hope he finds what he needs. And I heartily wish you well, Shards DuBois Du Yeshuah.

  2. I cannot imagine the fear/dread/worry you must endure. Honey, I will for sure pray for your son, and also thank Him for giving you strength and faith which is no doubt the only things that could carry you through. Hug!

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