just a quick message to all the managers out there…

Tough day at work.  Even though all our staff were in good moods and working away, we all had to deal with a very unhappy client.  Every single thing she could complain about, she did.  I don’t think there was one thing she was happy with. 

We don’t have those days often, but when we do, its really hard on everyone.  It lowers the atmospheric balance or something, and at the same time brings everyone down.  Including the customers.  They feel it.  They hear the person ranting.  And do you think this client had a clue they were ruining their own event?  No. 

They were so concerned with making everything look absolutely perfect, to the letter, that they managed to ruin about 100 employees and about 400 customers time, and truly ruined their day.  Some managers just DON’T GET IT!!! 



I know management can be difficult with a large number of employees when you think you have to supervise them all, but when  half are seasoned venders this is not the case.  And you need to back off on the micro-managing!

If you’re one of the assholes who constantly berates their employees or CONSTANTLY FOCUSES ON THE NEGATIVE instead of the positive…..you seriously need to get out of management!

If you haven’t figured it out yet….that building people up will get you 100% more out of your employees than what you get now….and focusing on the negative will get you 100% LESS~~!!!!! Then you need to get out of management! 

Just my two cents, more or less! lol


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