Without Humanity!


I woke up in the morning to wispy clouds

but soon saw the intruder,

spewing his arrogance and greed clearly

as the evil dumping deluder.

In one path he spews our destruction

yet no one seems to care,

his thoughtless un-planning un-knowing

become my repeated nightmare.


Then another strip of life killing chemicals

is spread in an unchallenged dare,

by our own military ordered to comply

as an alien pauses midair.

Does he wonder just how stupid we are

or why we poison our own skies,

or does he wait for the day when no humans

are left to fill us with lies.


The sky clouds over as another shoots up

spraying a third layer of hell,

does the pilot look down with evil also

filling his empty soulless shell.


By ten a.m. the fourth arrives blazing

a trail of sun blocking death,

weaving the blanket to suffocate us all

ending our era in the twentieth.


Today I woke up to a hazy sky

almost glittering in a corrupt lethal way,

an overcast of death and destruction

falling on our only home in toxic foreplay.

Our children the last generation to exist

they decided for us its over already,

only the evil will hoard and kill to survive

to carry on without humanity!


12 thoughts on “Without Humanity!

    • thanks dude, just plastered it across my fb! I have to work a huge event myself, so if you hear any more info, let me know…I need someone to send me some fliers or pamphlets to hand out at my event…about the event, and with info about the horrors!

      • You can print flyers off of that web site . There’s no charge for some. Some of them are good. Some not so much. I’ve thought about modifying some. I don’t think it would be a problem.
        I almost let it go till I see trees dying after several good monsoon rains and vegetables in our garden are very small. Many people not having luck getting normal size tomatoes.
        Hey, have fun, spread the word if anyone will listen.
        Good Luck and take care.

        • omg, that didn’t even occur to me, and I was wondering why all my beefsteak tomatoes are the size of lemons. Not to mention my spaghetti squash are the size of cucumbers!!! eeeeeek
          dam fools thinking they can control something the size and complexity of a planet!!! such stupid arrogance!!! thanks for the info! πŸ™‚

  1. Lol @…waiting for the day when no humans are left to fill us with lies… and … fill his empty soulless hell… Those are some thoughts running through your head. Nice touch. Meanwhile, I surmise the chemical horror still goes on. Shame!

    • yes, you know I can’t wait! lol and don’t you see the planes spraying where you are?? I thought you were somewhere in Africa??? Isn’t it hot as hell there?? lol I would think you would see these planes daily there!

    • yes, I am ONE with nature! hehe One who wants to be out in it playing every day! πŸ™‚ and we TRULY have to put a stop to these chem trails…they are destroying soils, plants, trees, our water sources! those idiots didn’t even bother to try and study what would happen before they started doing it, and THAT’s what upsets me most. They think they know everything, and they clearly DON’T!

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