Never Again


Never, Never … again

     shall the horror strike in flames,

          birds forced to leave their newborns

              to suffer alone in searing pain.

Rising in billows blocking the sun

     killing in crackles of tear sucking heat,

          everything in its path becomes a shell

               baked in itself unable to flee.

Surviving a moment in the trapped beauty

     only to choke in the dense black air,

          like a spider cocooning a butterfly

               but now both their lives rise into thin air.

Simultaneously with screams no one hears

     a billion bugs gone quietly with no tears

          rabbits running circles to a nearby hole

               squealing with the shifting wind it hears.

Death on a scale not to be measured

     but weighed in the emptiness left behind,

          sparking new growth eventually some will

               still the loss of springโ€™s birth will be pined.

Panic heard in the calls and dead silence

     acres of life gone with the wind,

          dying in an instant of pain and fear

               Never, Never, Never … again.


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