a seed of faith



my faith carries me

like a baby in its arms

holding me tightly

no matter the harms

that plague my soul

or trouble my life

my faith carries me

through any strife

I gave my heart

to only One God

I give my troubles

to my only Lord

as a seed to bring

a harvest to me

He is the Creator

of all … you see


2 thoughts on “a seed of faith

  1. Faith carrying you? That’s quite poetic. I thought you were supposed to be nursing faith like a baby. When you put it like that, it makes the faith seem quite real. Lovely pix. I daresay I know another similarity we share, but I shan’t tell.

    • are you telling me to “SUCK IT!” LMAO and I daresay, don’t you think faith is real? I feel it physically sometimes, tugging at me, pulling me upwards! always upwards! I rarely feel drawn to the floor! hehe so what are you talking about, gardening? and yes you shall! lol

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