Dick! I kid you not!


I’m pretty sure this is Dick, the tallest Clydesdale of 10 or 11 horses I watched each morning at SeaFair, in Seattle this weekend.  He is a magnificent 800 lb horse (at least), who stole my heart.  I’m not sure if this was his real name, or one he earned, as he was quite feisty and a giant shit for 2 days, dragging his poor handler around the field, and acting up.  He is clearly an attention whore, but just beautiful and quite nice after he got some of that massive energy out.  He was very sweet to me, and stared me down while I gave him some hugs and love.  He seemed to know I loved him at first sight.  His handlers were a bit surprised too, and thought for sure he wasn’t gonna put up with me, but he was ever the gentleman! (I’ve ridden horses all my life and worked with them off and on throughout my life, and can never get enough.)  I rode my friends Belginan Draft horses one time for fun, and they are just as big, but let me tell you, it isn’t quite as comfortable as riding English or Western, because the entire time you are riding, you are doing the splits…lol  they’re great though when they go pounding across the pasture at a canter.  Just remember to say “Whoa boy,” before you crash through the fence…and keep on going!