Good Morning All! Have a great day!

grasshopper hysterical

(grasshopper photo credit to, Googled.  Hysterical!)

Good Morning!


a foot from my foot

he stood standing tall

screaming to be heard

he was still a mite small

he spoke with no voice

calling out on a mission

legs akimbo hip but mellow

absolute he made a decision

ricocheting he now bounced

a bit flighty he soon flew

here and there and everywhere

staging a coup upon my shoe

slowly I sat down gently to wait

as he powered up his knees for me

motionless I sat knowing I’d laugh

if he rocked me with a symphony


2 thoughts on “Good Morning All! Have a great day!

    • Thank you Mike! I think humor is the most important of all of those! I also think everyone should laugh as often as they can! It makes the world a better place in an instant! 🙂

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