Morning Glory


This is how I spent my morning, sitting from 8 a.m. until 12:00 on Kachess Lake.  The only reason I left being the speed boats began to show up, and ruined my ambiance.  It’s almost 10 miles long and over a mile wide, and let me tell you my arms are feeling it! lol  Yes I felt the burn, in case you were wondering, as I paddled across it twice.  I started in about the middle and went west to the end, in the picture, but didn’t go east much of my starting point.  The winds were picking up and the water got pretty choppy.  I saw two eagles, sitting above me in trees, and right up until around 11:00 it was absolute serenity!  Watching the sun light up the trees as it cascades down the mountains, it was just glorious!  I wish you could all go kayaking some time, its surreal.  🙂  have a wonderful day all!!!  


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