a quick thank you…


Just a quick thank you to the Ace Hardware Lady who screwed up the paint color for my house!  I am so grateful that instead of fixing it, you decided to hide the actual color by taping over it with a paper towel and tape, saying you were afraid it may leak on my way home.  I asked for “soft butter”, even gave her the card with the numbers for it, yet I’m guessing when they mix a 5 gallon bucket, they need to know how to multiply!

They always point out too, that it will lighten up a lot after it dries.  So of course, I just kept plucking away, finishing it in a day, and hurting for a week.  Now to suffer for at least 3 years, or until I can’t stand it any longer. 

My home is now brighter yellow than this beautiful flower, which was about two shades too bright for my home!  Even with the white trim, making it stand out gloriously like a neon sign, it’s still so shocking it startles me!  I am too damn old to repaint it again, and must live with it for now. 

I must say though, it’s the perfect color for a crazy cat lady!

But hey, one good point, I can see it a mile away in the dark!

So thanks again, hardware employee who needs to find a job they actually care about:  you douche-nozzle!   lmao


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