forever bored



Georgie rocked back, her tiny toes pushing with a snap against the porch floorboards. Lilly rocked forward at the same time, while not missing one tiny stitch in her cross-stitch pattern of Jesus. She was filling in His long flowing brown hair. Georgie said,

“When is she going to learn? She’s like a cat trying to mate with a raccoon. Some bodies gonna get eaten, and they aren’t gonna enjoy it!” She cackled at her self, not caring in the slightest if Lilly laughed or not, since it was Lilly’s granddaughter they were discussing. Lilly, ever the polite lady, said,

“He’s gonna send you back, you keep that up. Make you start all over again.” She smiled as she rocked back. Then she asked, “Is Carrie’s husband still cheating on her?”

Georgie didn’t like this subject at all, and waited a beat, to snap her little feet again, and said, “Think I’ll get some lemonade,” then she rocked a few more times before begrudgingly adding, “would you like some too?”

“Of course, that’d be lovely.” Georgie stopped rocking and got up, slowly inching her way to the screen door, head curled down permanently staring at the floor, and went inside to the kitchen.

She often wondered why they had a kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room, but no bathroom to take a nice hot bath in, or anything else for that matter.  They didn’t have a side or back yard either, it was just a foggy empty space, sometimes bright sometimes dark.

The front yard was going slightly wild, but had beautiful flowers all the time, no weeds, and didn’t need water or sunshine to grow; so the ladies spent hours on the front porch that held a swing at one end and the two rocking chairs at the other.

Georgie and Lilly hadn’t seen any of their children or grandchildren yet and were both a bit disappointed they had to spend all this time waiting as old women.  So much for everything being perfect, thought Georgie.  Why couldn’t we be our twenty year old selves? She couldn’t fathom it, unless she had deserved the boredom, due to all the trouble she’d caused.  It was such a letdown, not to be young again, Georgie was a bit sour about it.

They were also bored with each other and Georgie was getting ornerier and ornerier day by day.  Lilly didn’t know how much longer they could put up with each other, but then Lilly knew it would be forever, and sighed to herself as she finished up Jesus’ beautiful locks of hair.

Georgie came out with two glasses of iced lemonade, and as she leaned down to put them on the tiny table that sat between the chairs; bent over so far her head almost touched it, she let out a huge fart.  She giggled like a child, stood back up and as she took the 5 or 6 steps needed to reach her chair and turn around, she tooted a little fart with each step.

Laughing out loud, she sat down, and said,

“Enjoy your drink dear.”  Then she snapped her feet and rocked back, gazing at the garden in front of her once again.


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