Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour



Bewitched by the risk

of the battle going on in the sky

the last rays of hope

fighting against the darkness

creeping slowly

like a player on second base

pushing his luck

knowing it’s not his time

determined to increase his rule

of the shadows shivering

below his belligerence

playing with fire

reckless and rash

itching to take over

every inch of the sky

fusing dirt and air into

menace and fear

when being early isn’t gracious

and changing time perilous

created by YHVH

before He imagined shadows

below His feet 


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

      • No probs. I love a good poem. I am trying to sleep but am obsessed at moment with a ditty story that I am hammering out despite itself. I think I’m almost 3000 words. I have to tell you Shards, I’m not entirely sure that I am actually sane. You will have to judge for yourself.

          • I’m done. Posting now. It’s 3:20 where I am, I’ve been writing since 2. And I have no idea what I’ve written, except that I had to write it, and somewhere in that is a mystery that I would pay a lot to understand better. Anyway, sanity’s overrated. And boy but am I sober at the moment – maybe that’s the problem.

  1. And my first comment vanished.

    Anyway, was saying that you really are not bad at this perspective… You really could look at things from a naughty/cynical way.
    And you don’t sleep indeed, except when caught at the right time, else a crazy old catlady could be seen haunting the dark alleys at night surrounded by the terrible four… Heheheheheheheh.

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