For JavaGirl: Her World Stopped




She waited in her simple black and white pajamas, lounging around doing nothing; bored out of her mind. He was taking way too long, and she’d already done her hair at least 3 different times. Now it was just hanging down loosely; she’d given up on striking a pose.

She’d thought about doing her toenails, but if he showed up in the middle of it, that would be disastrous. So she paced from her window to the bed and back, dreaming of the end. When she would be left in a mountain meadow on a gloriously sunny day; for months possibly, if not years. Maybe forever. But until then, she had him almost every night; sharing her life. Every second, she had his full attention.

He’d be gone all day: she knew it was due to work because sometimes while he was gazing at her, that stupid phone would ring, and he’d stop to answer it. It drove her crazy. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone at night. It was the only time she had with him, and she had never learned to share anything; except her dreams.

She shared those repeatedly, sometimes with others who didn’t understand her. Didn’t know what they really meant to her. But, such is life.

She spent hours thinking about him; wondering why that little wave of a wrinkle washed up and down sometimes, cresting between his brows. That miraculous dimple in his left cheek; that should have been illegal. And the way his chopped blond hair draped across his eyes, reminding her of a dog she once saw.

He was everything she’d ever dreamed of…and more. Kind, soft spoken, large enough to cradle her like a baby, and when he held her, her world stopped.

She knew she had fallen hard this time. He was all she thought about. She couldn’t have stopped herself if she wanted to, with his gorgeous pale blue eyes looking at her with that tiny sparkle in the right one. Oh but she loved his sparkle. It was like the sun peaking through a forest of trees at dawn. It woke her up out of a dead sleep and brought her to life. She wanted to sing with the birds, and dance with the butterflies, but that would have to wait; for he was only up to page 171, in chapter 7. Tags:

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