He breached the water

a million years ago

in a violent tree crushing moment

stranding himself for all time

in the last gasp of creation

6 thoughts on “Breach

        • tweet tweet….sweet my publisher keeps telling me I should be on twitter…do u like it? Does it get you that much attention when you text?? I keep putting it off…lol

          • I hate it, but i do get some referrals back to my blog. Everything I blog goes onto Twitter automatically. I try to leave the bloody thing alone, but I get mail notifications when i’m mentioned, so i have to follw up.
            There’s more junk out on Twitter than there is on facebook, and it’s very time consuming and frustrating.
            However I do know a couple of poeople who are real pros at using it, and it’s certainly heleped with getting figures up for their published work. If you like I can point you in the right direction.

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