they light the way


through the dark

a jar in one hand, a lid

in the other, my sundress

flying, sandals flipping

no never scared

they glow     and they light my way     I can never

 stay up this late         dancing and waiting impatiently, light I say, light

I must see the lightning

oh there you are

floating up,

floating down

they’re easy to catch

nighttime fairies of flight

telling me I must make a wish

yet my only wish is to catch them all

and hold my breath until their tiny belly lights up

you’re enchanted lil bug, bewitched twinkle you’re nose now

in green      blue light

    flashing      in the night

     show me      the lightning

      in this tiny      wonderful sight


I miss the fireflies

we called them lightning bugs back home

but we don’t seem to have them

here in the Northwest

maybe they don’t like to take showers? 😉


6 thoughts on “they light the way

  1. Hey we had them as kids in the midwest where it rained frequently…not sure why they’re not there…ah a need for scientific research. 🙂

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