who do you turn to when no one is there

where do you turn when there is no prayer

when you hurt someone and you know it inside

who forgives you or do you leave it to your pride

when your children were born healthy and well

who did you thank for that miracle you held

where do you look for promise and hope

when you’re addicted to alcohol pills and dope

who pulls you out of your depression and shame

whom do you think?  you already know His name!


5 thoughts on “Whom

  1. Your post disappeared. Yes the window writer is free. I think you have to have Windows as your OS to download. Connecting with wordpress , linking wasn’t too difficult. When I did mine I didn’t know what linking meant. Ha ha .
    Good luck 🙂

    • yea! I was too angry when I wrote it….I took it down…lol hey, I have windows xp? maybe I’ll hit ms and see if they have it…I’m ready to kill someone! lol

      • One nice thing about windows writer, if you save your posts, you will always have a copy on your computer. If you want that.

        • oh yea, thats soo cool, didn’t notice it…I LOVE it tho, just downloaded, it asked me what blog and it hooked me right up!!!! woot woot…. I LOVE YOU MAN!!! hehehe you should post about it….if you don’t I will, but I gotta play around a bit first, see what I can do.. thanks again!!! 🙂

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