Hanging On

Dangling by a thread

Hanging on for dear life

We struggle through

A dense wildness

Fighting it uselessly

Like a spider in a bowl

Sliding back down

Repeating our mistakes

Tumbling like a weed

Falling in a breeze

To become dust again


7 thoughts on “Hanging On

        • it is Doc, ya know what’s funny is most people in other countries think all americans are well off, and there are millions of us who stuggle daily, truly hanging by one thread, living paycheck to paycheck, getting food at food banks (that are free) because if we work, we make too much too get food stamps, but living on what we call ‘minimum wage’ is virtually impossible, with the price of housing, cars, insurance, food, electricity…its so expensive, you end up working to just survive. most people are nothing like you see on tv. especially the fake ‘reality’ shows. so ya, I hang on, being single and supporting myself at my age is super hard. people don’t want to hire older people, they want fresh young kids right out of college, and half the dam country is unemployed right now..no one can afford stained glass right now, my business has finally stopped all together, so I’m back to trying to find a decent job. But when my book is published, I’m gonna be rich, LMAO, so I’m not too worried…hehehe plus, GOD ALWAYS TAKES CARE OF ME! :)….AND THATS HOW I ROLL!!!

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