Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century

Love in our day and age sucks!  Period!  I know maybe one couple on this planet who truly deeply love each other, have for 20 some years, and will travel on together someday in the future.  But, notice I said one.

Sure I know hundreds of ‘happily’ married couples; those who say they are happy but bad mouth their spouse when they are not around, literally saying how they really feel, which is NOT happily married.  Put them in the same room, and they drape their arms around each other, call each other honey or sweety-pie, enough to give me a rotting cavity every time I hear it.  Because less than half an hour later they are at it again, how they did this or that, and pissed them off, and how stupid they are, but “Hey, gotta love em!”  cause they’re your spouse.

I know tons of couples who are parents who have been married forever, yet don’t speak to each other, hide things from each other, don’t enjoy anything the other partner likes, only put up with the living arrangement because they don’t want to have to struggle alone, don’t even sit in the same room when they are at home let alone sleep in the same bed; yet smile hugely and say so proudly ‘we’ve been married for 50 years!!’  Oh yea, miserable but married.

And I know tons of people who’ve been married, divorced, married, divorced, etc….because they are still looking for that ideal person.  The one that doesn’t exist.  The one they dreamed up while drunk one night after doing several lines of coke and smoking three bowls of weed, and let me just say, they don’t exist either.

Why do you suppose we are so miserable with the loves of our lives?  My opinion; we expect too much and don’t forgive easily.  Yet I must say, I grew up brainwashed by Harlequin Romance novels, and various other smut novels, and this was how my brain thought real love was supposed to be.  I have yet to meet a millionaire …who’s gorgeous…! Let me just stop there!  bwahahahahaha  they don’t exist at all!!

But I digress, I have yet to meet a millionaire, who’s gorgeous, works hard, works out, treats his woman like a lady, fell in love in his prime years and was so crushed he’s never had another woman since…..OMG I can’t stop laughing!   OK, one more try, a gorgeous millionaire with a crushed heart, looking for Ms. Right, that’d be me…..

I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.

You get my point!

There is no Love in the 21st Century….there is only love NOW.  Each minute of each day.  STOP!!!  now love!   NOW!  Anyone! Everyone! The person sitting next to you on the bus!  The person you work with that you think is a jerk!  BLOW their mind, and love them in some small way.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century

  1. An interesting supposition..another one which I posit is that individuals compromise…”I can change this about….., etc.” rather than waiting for that person who has the qualities they’re looking for…ah yes…they may live alone because of that..but better that than what you’ve described…here’s wishing you the best!

    • thats a whole other million couples! needing to change the other person, to make them happy. lol marriage is something I no longer find necessary in my life! lol I’m done, like dinner! I’m seriously considering getting more cats! hhahhaha not!

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