for Quiall: the Trolls… who patroled… under Troll Bridge

kids like us, an entire hoard

were very rarely ever bored

but as tweens who go crazy

you could never claim we were lazy

we’d head down the driveway

following the river the same way

to arrive at Troll Bridge at dark

just as the lovers began to park

we never saw any trolls at all

the entire time we were on patrol

but every night those cars humped

we bumped in time and loudly thumped

underneath or tossed sticks and acorns

to frighten those silly girls in much scorn

for giggles and a freeze frame high 5

we did it all to keep the tale alive


4 thoughts on “for Quiall: the Trolls… who patroled… under Troll Bridge

  1. Troll Bridge

    We watched them kids patrolling above
    In paticular acts of wanton love
    The giggles and laughter is noise to the ears
    But sadly no sign of horror and fears

    It seems that perhaps a memory is lost
    The Trolls of Troll Bridge would be the cost
    The whimsy in turn is somewhat remiss
    No fantasy here, no magical bliss

    The children forget the adults do too
    Of the creatures that lurk so close to you
    So now out of sight has meaning galore
    Its out of mind, the creatures no more

    If strolling the bridge in the warmth of the night
    Don’t look around or you will take fright
    Under the bridge or behind the next post
    Is a world alive but closed to most

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