Giggle, Ponder and Simply Sly


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Giggle, Ponder and Simply Sly


prone to sweetness, sitting in a row

watching the world come and go

Giggle at a bright green pony-tail

agree it’s a total fashion fail

Ponder the depths of blame

Sly simply whispers, ‘so lame’

turn to watch another walk by

wearing black socks and try

so hard not to laugh out loud

but the white skinny legs so proud

right up to the oversized shorts

sending the girls into fresh loud snorts

hiding her face Ponder’s too shy

Giggle’s in stitches curled nearby

while Simply Sly widens her baby blues

leans in snickering and yells ‘ostrich on the loose’

screaming wildly ornery with mirth

girls; greater than love they’re worth


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