If only…

If I could sit around all day and lick myself, I would.  Take 5 naps a day, sneak around all night playing hide and seek, and ninja’s.

Stretch out on the furniture, holding on tightly with my claws, I get the best stretch that way.  Lying around while my sister or brother washes my face for me, cleans my ears, ooooh, stop it!  No wet willies!

Traipsing across the kitchen counter, grazing on anything left out or forgotten, making sure to spray the fridge or stove while I’m there, so everyone knows it’s my territory.

Mom left her funny smelling sweatshirt hanging on the door knob, so I better spray that too while I’m at it.

Then Mom comes home and it’s time to go outside, quickly, before she discovers what I’ve done.  Hide under the house looking for mice for a while.  Blame any smells on your brothers and sister, look innocent when she starts yelling, she’ll forgive us in an hour or so…at the latest bedtime.

Lounge all day on the shelves below the windows watching the hummingbirds and bees harvesting the flowers.  Scratch.  Annoy Mom until she puts fresh food out.

Yea, if only I could lick myself…



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