Romeo; more ham than cat!

Some days I think he actually understands what “auto focus” is.  He loves to blur across the background of almost every picture I take outside; he loves the limelight!  He also loves to mess up my photo’s.  Scampers away with his tail twitchin’ when I scold him!  He knows.  He may not know exactly what he’s doing, but he obviously knows he’s doing something to irritate Ma, and it’s become a game with him.

He’s very theatrical in every way.  The way he sits like a sphinx, and falls asleep, until he falls over. lol  He’ll sit and look at me, slowly closing his eyes, in this condescending way.  As if to say, “You bore me!”  lol  Then he’ll open them to see if I’m still looking, and do it again.  He’s a shit.

He knows it; and I know it.  We’ve come to an understanding in our love/hate relationship. lol


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