the light over yonder

the light over yonder

shines through my soul

blinding at times

gently warming a troll


teeheehee that’s like a “psych!”  had ya goin…them wham!  good morning all!  have a Blessed Day filled with laughter and love!!! SPREAD IT!!!  at this moment in time, I can’t produce the actual poem I started, the first 3 lines, because I can’t get the troll out of my head now.  so just so you understand, I’ll be posting this again…

after I stop snickering


15 thoughts on “the light over yonder

  1. A troll crawled out
    from a hole in my soul
    with fear I did shout
    Long live Rock N Roll
    I think I scared the troll
    Have a great day…….

  2. The light of a troll

    The light of a troll
    Is darker than soot
    Its the stuff they do eat
    Like a fairy’s left foot

    A troll’s frame of mind
    Is twisted and dark
    But humour they have
    They laugh for a lark

    Not evil or mean
    Is a troll’s way of life
    Just different from yours
    But not one of strife

    So fondly remember
    The troll that you seek
    And maybe one day
    You will see a peek

    Trolls they do wander
    From here and from there
    They’re hiding from us
    In case you do care

    But rarely in sight
    Will a troll let you see
    The way that they live
    Is wonderfully free

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