Reading Stevehi’s blog brought this little gem to mind!

flashback to 1978, or there abouts…sorry, but I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before or not…

Heading out the door, two teens looking for trouble, we were free.  We couldn’t wait to get down the drive so we could let loose.  Jumping into the ancient gold-colored Corvaire, passed down through 3 other brothers; beaten to a pulp, spray painted with gold patches bordering on camouflage, we used two hands to pull the bent doors shut.  Then we always put on our seatbelts, because we weren’t stupid, just wild.  Creeping slowly down the drive, personifying Catholic school girls, we fiddled with the radio until the rock station came in loudly.  Cranking it up to full blast, we even had time to roll down the windows before getting to the bottom of the driveway; a quarter-mile long.  Then it was off to the races, taking every tiny hill as fast as the car would go, about 50 mph.  Then hold on for the airtime, and scream until you hit pavement again.  Bridges were the best for flight; they always have that nice ramp at the beginning to really boost your take off.

Then on any straight-away, the inevitable would happen:  Peek-a-boo!  This was my brother’s favorite game.  As long as it wasn’t raining or snowing, if there was a straight stretch of road ahead, he would grin wickedly at me and pull the handle that dropped his seat back down into a laying position.  Then he would scream, “You drive!” and promptly step on the gas.  This is how I learned to drive, from the right seat.  It scared the living snot out of me, adrenalin flooding my shoes; but I also liked it.  It was so scary, it was a blast.  Then he would pop his seat back up, usually about the time my screaming reached new heights due to an upcoming curve or another car, and take the wheel.  I would then promptly punch him in the arm several times while laughing my head off.

This was how we always drove, no matter where we were going, it involved at least one game of Peek-a-boo!  I think if you looked in the dictionary, our pictures would be right next to the word “hooligan!”  But like I said, we weren’t stupid… just wild!



2 thoughts on “Reading Stevehi’s blog brought this little gem to mind!

  1. Goodness me!!!!!! Shardy!!! And she even defends herself! I think it may be easier for you now to be sure of the difference. NB: I’m not expressly saying you were stupid. Just don’t sound sure you were not. Oh my. Glad you survived your crazier stunts of growinf years. At least, not counting the non-physical (psych, emotional, etc) baggage you may have carried over from earlier years.

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