What, do you suppose, does it mean to be Holy?

Giving your time at a soup kitchen, smiling away?

Or never thinking or saying an unkind word?

Why, do you suppose, anyone would want to be Holy?

What is the point in becoming the best of you?

When it appears to be just as satisfying to be your worst?

When do you come to the point in your life you want to be Holy?

Is it usually when you need something you cannot provide?

Is it when you realize there has to be more to this life?

Where, do you suppose, can you find a way to be Holy?

In a church or a building full of other lost sheep?

Or in the red sky above you filling with a million stars?

How in the world do you go about becoming Holy?

Is it when you stop judging others, before you forgive?

Or is it when you love every living thing, before you live?


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