I have an idea! I know, uh oh! lol But if all my followers do this for one month, I think we could get some answers!!!

All it would take is for one person to slip up, and we could get the answer to Whose Planes are spraying the chem trails.

Here’s my idea:

EVERYONE watch the sky’s above you for one month.  EVERY time you see a CHEM trail, call your local airport and ask to speak to the traffic air control tower, and then ask whose plane just flew overhead leaving the chem trail.

Now I know that sounds a bit far-fetched, and its unlikely any of us will get an answer!  Let alone an HONEST answer.  BUT…like I said, if just ONE of those air traffic controllers SLIPS UP and says WHOSE plane it is….WE’VE GOT A LEAD!

Personally, I am not able to travel to Washington DC and demand answers….but I think if we all band together….someone is bound to get somewhere!!!  AS IT STANDS we don’t even know who approved this, let alone IF IT IS APPROVED BY ANYONE!  This could end up and be some crazy billionaire who wants to rule the planet, for all we know!

Although, it does send up some serious red flags for me that no one in Congress appears to know what’s going on.  Either it is so hush-hush they actually know nothing…which I SO DOUBT, or they really are keeping it from us on purpose, KNOWING we would REVOLT!!!!!

I WANT SOME ANSWERS!!!  How bout you?

My idea is painless, easy, cheap, and doesn’t require any talent of any sort…..just YOUR TIME!

Watch the sky’s, and ASK!!!  DON’T JUST SIT THERE LIKE A LOG!



9 thoughts on “I have an idea! I know, uh oh! lol But if all my followers do this for one month, I think we could get some answers!!!

  1. The truth is out there.
    If I hadn’t seen so much of it myself I wouldn’t believe it. It is too ominous. I don’t know if it’s too late. I watched that video you posted and others. There is much written material about geo-engineering and the efforts by our U.S. government and other governments world wide to affect climate change. Politicians are terrified to discuss it. Those are Air force planes that are spraying over the USA. I only hope to make others aware without sounding like I’m insane. The more you know the worse it gets.
    The good news here is they’re not spraying today. The sky is clear and blue.
    To all concerned. good luck and don’t give up.

    • how can you tell they are airforce jets, they are so far up when they spray they look like passenger jetliners to me??? and ARE you 100% sure they ARE AIRFORCE? ours???

      • I’m not 100% sure. Even if they were not, do you think they could be doing this without our governments knowledge? Do a little more research or watch that video again. They tried to interview our Representatives about this and inform them. The politicians, almost all ran away. There are several groups trying to raise awareness about this all over the world. Like I said before, the more you research the worse it’s gets. No one wants to believe this,
        The truth is too preposterous for most to believe.
        The comfort I find is in God, no matter the wicked schemes of men I believe God has everything under control. I read the book, (Bible) I know how the story ends. Have faith and do what you think is right.
        Take care.

        • I get such an anxious knot in my stomach every time I think about this, a feeling of such urgency, I can’t hardly stand it. I saw the video’s and the idiots running away, so what about all this TRANSPARENCY Obama is talking about? Why can’t we find any documentation on it, other than what they talk about in the video?? SOMEONE somewhere had to sign off on this??? We can’t fight, if we don’t know WHO to fight? If it’s just US, or Nato, or what, we have to narrow the field or were just wasting time. SORRY I get so upset …. 🙂

          • The reply box from you your comment won’t fit on my screen so I’ll try it here. Look up some of these things, Geoengineering and chemtrails on wikipedia. That can lead you to more info. There is not a lot of documentation on any of this but there is a lot of info out there. It is over whelming. The truth is too preposterous to believe. Try not to worry. Do what you can. Be at peace. All my best wishes to you and yours.
            Take care…….

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