Glory Achieved! nuff said!


5 thoughts on “Glory Achieved! nuff said!

      • I am learning that I should have asked if I may reblog your photos. I apologize. May I? Are you a gardener as well an artist of many media? More than pretty, though. I saw her before her sister with your little poem. —- Bear

        • you are more than welcome to reblog my pictures and poems, no one appears to want to pay for them, and I realy don’t care. lol I am a bit of a gardner, but what I do is just add more and more stuff each year, never removing anything, and lol, I get mass flowers all year long. All I do is plant and water once or twice. oh, and if you can’t get my pictures to reblog with the poem,…I’ve noticed several people not able to capture the pic because it is set as a featured image, so if you need to copy and past….have at it! No worries…Mostly I write for God, any one else is just cake! 🙂

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