“under the palm of Deborah”


This phrase in the Torah, refers to the state of the Jewish people.  🙂  For to be under the palm of Deborah, you were sitting quietly as she would prophesy, enjoying 20 years of peace.  Deborah was the fourth of judges who ruled after the death of Joshua.  She wrote one of the first Poems recorded in history, about the battle she foresaw and instigated.

The people were suffering terribly under the rule of Sisera, and cried out to God.  He sent them Deborah the Prophetess who was one of only 7 women prophetess’ who were recorded in the Bible.

Deborah lived in the Mountains of Ephraim, between Ramah and Beth-El.  As the people turned to sin and idolatry, Deborah remained true to God and His Torah. She was wise!  Deborah held court beneath a palm-tree.  She warned the Jewish people and urged them to leave their evil ways and return to God. The entire Jewish nation respected this great prophetess.

She was married to Lapidoth, which means ‘torches’.  He supplied wicks and oil for the lights in the sanctuary, called torches.  Thus they say Deborah had this holy effect on everyone, spreading the light of the Torah.

She asked Barak to fight the Canaanites, predicted what would happen, and after the battle she wrote the poem/song the “song of Deborah.”

My favorite line:  “Be as the sun going forth in its might.”

THAT is the history of my name, condensed.

My mother insisted this would be my name, even though my Father wanted to call me Melissa.  All of my siblings are also named after people who were in the Bible.  My oldest brother, David.  Do I need to go on?  lol   My Mother said No, she will be a Deborah!

Of course, I’m a much shortened version in reality, just a Deb.   A modern version if you will.

And I usually sit under pine trees.



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