the real mystery

People who say “I’m spiritual, BUT”, make me crazy.  For if you believe you have a soul or spirit, something that is NOT physical, that could possibly live on after your body dies, something that will mesh back into the universe when you die;  how can you not believe in God or that there IS some kind of life after death for that soul?

Is it confined to your body, this thing you cannot see or measure?  Is it only there because you THINK it is?  Do you feel it?  Can you touch it?  Or is it just you, compressed into your thoughts, effected by your feelings, that tiny answer you hear when you ask yourself a question?  Is it a glob or an entity, encircling you like an aura?  Bouncing off and meshing with other souls as you meet?

If you don’t believe there is a God, that only your brain sending electrical signals is what gives you all your thoughts, sensations, feelings, etc., then how can you believe you have a spirit?  It almost seems like an oxymoron to me.  That you can believe one way or the other, but not both.

You either believe you have a spirit or soul, that exists separate from your brain yet within you, or you believe your brain is the center and controlling force of your entire being.

I think to believe both ways, is just ridiculous.  I believe my brain controls my physical body, but my soul is in charge of my thoughts, my dreams, my desires, my imagination and creativity.  And I believe it is completely separate from my physical body.  It is SPIRITUAL.  IT IS A SPIRIT.  My soul.  My spirit.  I think they are one and the same, existing DUE to the brains electrical firings.  There are many magnetic forces out there, we cannot see or touch, that effect everything.  THEY are created by electrons, neutrons, protons, etc.  THIS IS HOW GOD created the universe.  Everything that exists universally is determined microscopically.  We are all just giant bags of electrical currents running around in watery currents.

WHY is it so hard to imagine our souls are the result of this magnetic electricity, and the result of that is an entity of GOD.  A SPIRITUAL PIECE OF GOD, so to speak.  WE are made in His image.  Why cant that be a part of the massively intelligent energy that GOD IS?

DONT GET ME WRONG….you can believe you have a spirit or soul, without believing in God, YHVH, Yeshuah, Jesus, or any other belief system you want.  What I don’t get, is WHY?  Why would you believe you have a soul, without believing there is a purpose for it?  Why would you believe that we are any different from animals, merely existing throughout their lives?

When you consider the thought that we believe animals’ brains consist mostly of instinct alone, preprogrammed memories or ways of surviving only, we tend to place ourselves above them, THINKING we are better because we THINK.  Yet, why would we?  Think?  What would be the purpose of thinking about our lives, when animals have existed for billions of years and gotten along just fine?  With the only exception in nature being the fight for a certain amount of area to exist in, to find food and mates in?  The only problem arising from this, would be over population, which is easily solved by their life spans being so short.

SO why do we think?  Why would we need to?  When we could survive happily without it.

If you don’t believe you have a soul, I will pray for you.  If you don’t realize there is more to life than just existing and procreation, I believe you have completely missed out on LIFE.  Completely missed the point IN life.

If you have a soul or spirit, and you know it…ask yourself why?  What could the purpose of it be?  Why DID it EVOLVE in US?  Why would you want or need a soul?  What possible benefit could it have?

Maybe God wanted us to feel His way.  Imagine and create His way.  Maybe He needed a way to communicate with us.  A way that is half Him and Half us.  A way to bridge the gap.  A way to guide us, help us, teach us.  LOVE US, be with us.  BE IN US!

DO animals have souls?  Or do they just naturally love unconditionally, even offspring of others?  Even humans who are continually cruel.  Animals also naturally forgive.  Look at abused animals, and you will clearly see it.  Even after continual abuse, they still want your love.  THEY still love.  Yet supposedly they are programmed to think almost entirely on instinct.

Do they NEED a soul?

Or is it only us who needs a soul because we have yet to achieve that instinctual perfection of existing peacefully without conscious thought!