If you follow and believe the modern day Bible is the truth, technically you are a Jew….jus sayin!

Why do you suppose that Christians think Yeshuah (Jesus) was not Jewish?  Or raised Jewish?  Or followed the Torah?  He actually Is, Was and DID.  It’s like one day the entire flock had a giant brain fart, and forgot WHO JESUS WAS!

Some Christians also think that Yeshuah (Jesus) said, “all you need to do is believe in me”.  Which just drives me insane.  It’s like they pick and choose a few lines here and there from the Bible, and only follow those.  Disregarding many others to fit their lifestyle.  Of course, my self included, I know no one who doesn’t do this.  I’ve often wondered if I just missed the scripture, ‘thou shalt not commit sarcasm’!  lol

Everything He did, He said was to FULFILL THE SCRIPTURES!  Was the Bible written yet?  No.  The scriptures He was referring to are the Books of Moses.  The Torah.  Where in several scriptures it foretells of a Messiah coming.

Anyway, back to my original rant, all the LAWS Yeshuah, (Jesus, the Christ, no matter His name), ALL the laws He referred to were the laws He was taught…which was the Torah.  Plain and simple.  When He states, that not “one jot or one tittle” shall pass from the law, He is referring to the writing of Aramaic/Hebraic languages, which is what the Torah is written in.  Moses’ Laws, handed down from YHVH!  THE ALMIGHTY I AM!  Written with ‘jots’ and ‘tittle’s’ for special meanings.

Matthew 5 …

17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets:  I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

If you want to be a true Christian, following the Christ Yeshuah, follow the commandments as Moses ORIGINALLY wrote them.  None of the jots or tittles will depart until all is accomplished!  Yeshuah said that, meaning follow the laws and learn their true meanings, to accomplish all.

Just like Yeshuah did.  Then you are a true follower of The Christ.  The Messiah.

Hopefully, if you follow Him long enough, you will eventually stumble into God.  😉


3 thoughts on “If you follow and believe the modern day Bible is the truth, technically you are a Jew….jus sayin!

  1. So, you are being sarcastic, no?
    Or are you indeed suggesting that the “fulfil” Yeshuah said meant obeying all the letters of the law?
    Remember how many times He addressed Old Testament laws? Remember how the Scriptures say He is now the sacrifice for sin? Remember how many times the Scriptures mentioned faith in Him? If people today are abusing some parts of the Scriptures, it doesn’t make the truth of the Scriptures void.
    However, the scriptures do speak further on the kind of life those who believe in Yeshuah would/should lead. So, yes, this life in Yeshuah is not all about a passive mental approval of Christ. (That though doesn’t mean FAITH in Yeshuah’s person, sacrifice and Lordship is less sufficient than Scriptures say.)

    • I was only being sarcastic the first few lines… hehe the rest, oh yes, you must try every single day to follow the laws, just as Yeshuah did, and YES HE did fulfill the scriptures in the Torah, on purpose. And of course, all the people abusing the scriptures will NEVER make them void. I believe I was hinting at how some people only choose one or two scriptures to follow and ignore the rest….ie, they would never kill someone, but stealing from work is OK! Not cool.
      AND I just wanted to say one other thing Doc, thank you for respecting my wish to call Yeshuah by his true name (in your comments)…that makes me smile deeply, that you thought about it before you wrote his name as Jesus. I really think He deserves THE UTMOST RESPECT!!! Wonderful way to start my morning! HAVE A GLORIOUS DAY!!!! 🙂

      • What laws exactly are you referring to?
        I also tend to agree @following some and ignoring the rest. And that’s an easy trap to fall into. We think it’s in scores. God checks the list for the number of laws you obey and awards you a higher score. Hehehehe. Humans!

        You are welcome Shards. Felt it mattered to you. It felt nice and fun writing in a different way than I had been used to.
        Be cool!

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