The First Rung

there’s always that bit inside of you

who holds a grudge deep down

the one who never really forgives

you make a list of “why’s”

what did they do to you

stabbed your trust

spoke the truth

emptied your heart

crawled over your back

up that enormous ladder to where

you think they don’t deserve to be

you make another list of “why’s”

but don’t forget about Jacob

his ladder was like a DNA strand

he climbed to his own humanity

ascending spiritually one rung

at a time

now make a list of “why”

you wish to remain here

you wish to ruin your soul

to run away from the peace

you would feel you know

it doesn’t matter what they feel

its eating away at you

becoming a cancer

this path you choose

at first in anger

but even then you only hurt you

your peace inside is what matters

it’s not about who wins

you have the wisdom

now step up and live it

step onto that first rung

choose again

for your soul


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