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lost in her mind

a dark storm raging

blue eyes searching

behind her walls

where to bolt

a legion of dark holes

she wanted to patch

paint over with colors

and lighten endlessly

she see’s the perfect blue

across the chasm of black

dodging the darkness

she tries to fly

through indigo undertones

the storm reaches out

holding her flailing

surging back

into another illusion

lost in her mind


7 thoughts on “Lost

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking today’s post…and in so doing, introducing me to yours. As someone who also enjoys painting and writing poems, I particularly like this series of poems inspired by your paintings!

    • Well hello Mary, and thank you for stopping in….but I must say, the paintings are NOT mine….I write poems for paintings that 2 of my friends paint, Biljana and Katleen, and when they paint something really beautiful, they become my muse for poems….which they do ALL the time. lol I’m mostly just the writer, I do take photo’s but am not very good. The paintings are on the blogs: Colouredwindows and Biljanasovkic if you’d like to see more. thanks again, and have a glorious day!

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